Quickly Add New Inventory from POS


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How to add new product from POS



You can easily add a new product to your inventory directly from POS with the Quick Inventory feature, after entering basic product data. You can then add more information for your product (description, image, vendor details, etc.) afterwards from the Back Office.



1. To activate the Quick Inventory option log in to your Backoffice and in the left menu, go to Settings --> Store Settings. In the General tab, select the Quick Inventory checkbox.



2. Log in to POS and synchronize data by clicking Synchronize in the left menu.

3. There are two ways you can add new products from the POS.

Option 1: Open the left menu and select Add Product.



Option 2: Scan a product's UPC or SKU and then select the Add Product that will appear in the search bar, at the top of the screen.


4. After selecting Add Product, input the product data in each of the following fields: Product Name, Price, Category, and Unit of Measure. You may also optionally add the product SKU and/or UPC.


5. Click Done, and synchronize the data. Your product will then appear for sale in the POS under the specified category.

You can then navigate to the product's settings in the Back Office to enter additional data for the product or make any adjustments.

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