Early Guest Checkout




  • Feature available starting with Release 0.25.0

Note: This feature is only available with the Restaurant or OmniChannel plan.

If a guest at a table would like to leave early, you are able to process their payment and print out their receipt, before the other table guests. 



1. Reopen the table order in the POS and select the 3 dots next to the Guest who would like to checkout early.

Note: Only this guest's items and payment total will appear in the transaction, and no Loyalty or Table discounts will be applied to his order.


2. Select the Pay button. 



3. Select the Continue button on the screen that follows to proceed with the payment. 


4. Select the payment method for the guest's transaction.mceclip5.png


4. On the receipt screen, only the guest's item(s) and their costs will appear. Choose from any or all of the following options: Email receipt, Print Receipt, or Print kitchen receipt, followed by the Done button.

  • The receipt will print, with only the selected guest(s) items and their totals appearing.




  • Now that the guest's payment has been processed, his order will be divided from the initial table order to a separate one (with the Status of Paid) on the Orders screen in POS. The original table order (which will still have Status of Open) will no longer include details, including items and payment amount, for the guest who left early.





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