How to fix issues with Cash Drawer connection on Windows POS app after upgrading?


If you experience an issue with your Cash Drawer connection after updating your Windows POS app, please set it up again using steps below:

  • On your Windows POS app, go to 'Settings'.
  • Select 'Cash Drawer'.
  • In the list of cash drawers, select the cash drawer model you are using.
  • Select the printer model that the selected cash drawer is connected to from the drop down list*.1_CD.png
  • Hit "Test".
  • Confirm opening of the cash drawer in modal window.2_CD.png
  • If it was not opened, try selecting another Cash Drawer model.3_CD.png
  • Select the "Done" button to save cash drawer settings.

*If you are using a Star Micronics printer, please select M-S Cash Drawer as your cash drawer model.

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