Split Payment by Item




  • Feature available starting with Release 0.25.0

If your table guests would like to pay for specific item(s) in one transaction, as opposed to paying for all in one transaction, you can utilize the split payment by item feature. 



1. After items have been assigned to each guest at a table in the POS, select All Payments --> Split PaymentSplit_payment_by_item_1.PNG


2. Select the Split by Items option.



3. Checkboxes will appear next to each item (if a table order, both from whole table and those assigned to each guest). Select the ones you would like to process transactions for.

  • The Total Due for the sum of the selected items (including taxes) will be displayed.



4. Select the payment type that you would like to use for the transaction and then process the transaction on the screen(s) that follow.


5. On the receipt screen, only the selected item(s) will appear and the Total Tendered will only include the cost for those items. Choose from any or all of the following options: Email receipt, Print Receipt, or Print kitchen receipt, followed by the Done button.

  • The receipt will print, with only the selected guest(s) items and their totals appearing.


  • You will return to the Split Payments screen. The item(s) you already processed transactions for will be faded out on the left of the screen. On the right side, it shows the Total Remaining to be processed from the remaining item(s).



6. Select the Pay More Later button on the bottom right if you would like to process the payments for the remaining item(s) at a later time. If you would like to process them now, repeat steps 3-5.


7a. If you chose to process the payments for the remaining item(s) now, once they are all processed, the Total Remaining and Total Due will both be 0. Select the Process button to complete the order. 



  • On the Receipt screen that follows, you will be able to view the total amount for the entire order from all items combined. Select to email/and or print the receipt to email/print the entire order's receipt, which will be broken down by item, and then select Done.


7b. If you had selected Pay More Later, and you would now like to pay for the remaining items, go to Orders in the left navigation menu, select the order, and then tap the Charge button. 



8. Repeat steps 3 - 5, followed by step 7a.


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