Activating the eHopper App on Poynt Terminals



Depending on how you acquired the Poynt device will determine how you install and purchase the eHopper app.


A. Acquired Poynt Terminal from eHopper Directly

1. Downloading eHopper POS App on the Poynt 

If you acquired the Poynt terminal from eHopper directly, the app should come pre-installed on the device. Simply find the eHopper POS app icon and open it. If the app is not on your device, email and we will push the app to your device. 


2. Purchasing eHopper Subscription and Logging In to App

If you acquired the Poynt from eHopper directly, purchase the eHopper subscription from the following page:

Once the eHopper app is on your Poynt device, open it, and then log in with the account credentials you received in the Welcome email after you purchased the eHopper subscription.


B. Acquired Poynt Terminal from Somewhere other Than eHopper Directly

If you acquired the Poynt terminal from somewhere other than eHopper directly, follow the below steps to download/purchase the eHopper app and log in.

1. Downloading eHopper POS App on the Poynt 

1. On your Poynt device, select the Apps icon and then locate the eHopper POS app.

2. Select the app and tap Subscribe.

3. The eHopper POS app will then download.


2. Logging in to eHopper App on the Poynt

  1. If you did not yet create an eHopper account, open the eHopper app on the Poynt. 
  2. On the login screen, tap where it says "Did not yet create an account? Click here."
  3. You will be directed to create your eHopper account. 
  4. You will receive a welcome email with your eHopper account credentials. 
  5. Enter the Account ID and License Key displayed in your Welcome email.
  6. On the next screen, enter the 6 digit PIN from your welcome email.
  7. You will now be logged into the eHopper app. 
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