Demo the eHopper Freedom Plan



You have the option of testing the Freedom package for a trial period of 14 days.

NOTE: The trial period is for demo purposes only. All data from this demo will be lost after 14 days. 



1. After you create an Essential account from, navigate to in a Google Chrome browser. 

2. Watch the guided videos that appear. On the first page, click the Start Setup button. Here is the guided video that goes along with it:



3. Choose to either Upgrade to Freedom or Stay with Essential. If you choose to stay with Essential, on the next page, you will have the option of starting a 14 day demo of the Freedom Package. Here is the guided video that appears with this page:



4. If you chose to stay with Essential, you can choose from one of the free 14 day demo options of the Freedom package: QSR/Restaurant, Retail Store, Serialized Store, or Grocery. Choose the one that best suits your business. Once you choose an option, select the Start Demo button. If you prefer to skip the demo and start building your store, click the Skip Demo button.

Please note that after 14 days, all data from your demo will expire. 

Here is the guided video that goes along with this page:



5. You can now begin the 14 day demo of your Freedom plan. If at any point within the 14 days, you wish to Upgrade to the Freedom, Restaurant, or OmniChannel package, click the UPGRADE button on the top of the screen. If you wish to proceed with the Essential package, click the Downgrade to Essential option.


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