Setting Up Printers on eHopper App for Windows


1. Make sure your printer is configured, turned on, and on the same network as your Windows device.

2. Download the driver for your receipt printer by following the steps in the following article:

3. Open the eHopper POS app on your Windows device and log in to your account.

4. Open the left menu and click Settings.



5. Click Printer Setup



6. Click Search for printer on the top right of the screen.



7. All printers with drivers installed on the device should then appear under both Receipt Printers and Kitchen Printers. Select the box next to each printer you want both types of receipts to print from.

Note: For kitchen receipts to print, you must select the Kitchen Receipt option in the Receipt tab of your Back Office Store Settings. 

8. Choose either 80mm or 58mm as the paper width for both printer types.

9. Print a test page by clicking Print test page to ensure the printer works and is set up properly. 

10. Click the DONE button. 

  • The receipt/kitchen printer should now be set up to print through the eHopper POS app for Windows. 
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