Download eHopper App for Windows PC



eHopper can now be installed and used as an app on all Windows PC. Please follow the steps below to install and log in. 



1. If you do not currently have an eHopper account, create one through

2. Log in to your eHopper Back Office at

3. On the Dashboard, find where it says POS Setup Instructions under the Support section on the right of the screen, and select the Get Now link next to it.



4. In the popup that appears, select Download app here next to Windows PC.



5. A download for the app will appear on the bottom of your screen. Open the download by clicking it. 


6. Click Yes on the popup that appears.

7. Click Next on the eHopper POS Setup Wizard screen. 



8, Select the destination location for the app and then click Yes.

9. Select Next again on the following screen. 



10. Click Install



11. Wait a few seconds for the file to install. Once installed, click Finish.



12. The installed eHopper app will appear as an icon on your Windows device. Click on it to open. The app can now be accessed at any time.



13. Log in to your eHopper POS account with your Account ID and License Key, followed by the PIN (all can be found in the Welcome email received after first creating your account or by following the steps in this article: Finding Account ID, License Key, and PIN.



14. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

15. Once the initial synchronization is complete, you will be logged in to the POS app for Windows.


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