Receipt Printer Troubleshooting on Windows PC


If you are using a supported eHopper printer and your receipt printer stops printing, please follow the below steps for troubleshooting. 

1. Hold the Feed button on the printer. If nothing prints, that means their either is a paper jam or no paper in the printer. In this case, pop open the printer and fix the paper jam or insert receipt paper. 

2. Check to see if a printing error appears on the bottom right corner of your Windows device. If there is, click it to view all your printing jobs and printing errors.

3. To resolve, search for the services.msc program on your Windows device and open it.

2. Find Print Spooler and right click.

3. Choose Restart Service.

4. Exit services.msc and go back to the control panel.

5. In the Hardware and Printer section, double click on the printer and the print que will pop up.

6. Delete everything in the printing que and then right click on the printer, go to Printer Properties and then Print Test Page

7. If the test page doesn't print, right click on the printer and delete it.

8. Refer to  to reinstall driver and add the printer to the POS. 

9. In the event, it still doesn't print after these steps, please follow this article to reconfigure your IP:

10. Then, with the correct IP, refollow steps 1-8

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