Troubleshooting for "Terminal is Not Set Up" Error


If after selecting a card payment as your transaction type, an error appears saying "Terminal is Not Set Up," please follow the below troubleshooting steps. 


1. Make sure all steps have been completed from

2. If the above steps have been completed and the error still occurs, reboot your router, terminal, and POS device.

3. While the terminal is rebooting, if it says "IP Checking," followed by "Unable to Connect to IP", the issue is caused by a DNS error. To resolve, please contact your internet provider to get it repaired. If the terminal says "IP Connected," this was successful and the issue is not caused by a DNS error. 

4. If the error is still appearing, contact your merchant service provider to re-board the terminal. This should then resolve the issue.

5. If the error continues after these steps are completed, please contact

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