How to Fix 500 Error for PAX Credit Card Payments



Please follow the below steps if you receive a 500 error on the PAX terminal after attempting to process a card payment through eHopper (the POS screen will also likely keep blinking until it times out).



1) Check your internet to see if you have a proper connection by loading a webpage in a Google Chrome browser. If the page loads, proceed to step 2. 

2) Reboot your router, terminal, and POS device.  

3) In POS, open the left menu and select Settings--->Terminal Setup

4) Save the serial number of the PAX device that shows on the screen.

5) Select the X on the right of the terminal's information to remove it and then select the Done button.

6) After the PAX device fully reboots, return to the Terminal Setup screen in POS.

7) Select the Add Terminal button and then re-enter the PAX's serial number in the Enter Serial Number field.   

8) Select Submit, followed by Done 

  • Your PAX terminal should now be able to continue accepting card payments. 
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