eHopper 0.23.0 Release


Overview of New Features: 

1. Table Management

2. Specify the Columns Displayed in Reports

3. Changes to the POS Orders Screen

4. Control Whether Salespersons Can Open/Close Register

5. Create Vendors From PO Receiving Page

7. Create Department/Category From Product Creation Page

8. New Columns in Tax Report


1. Table Management

To take advantage of this feature, please upgrade to the Restaurant Package in your Back Office, if you're an existing customer. If you are a new customer, please visit our pricing page:

Note: This feature is not yet available on Poynt devices.

  • Improve operations and increase sales with a more organized table seating and ordering system: construct your floor plan and manage your service sections, tables, seating places, and table servers.


  • Properly plan out upcoming orders' table placements by easily viewing the status of every table, through color coding, in each of your service sections.


  • Add, edit, and name each of your service sections and tables. You are also able to add walls to match the appearance of your floor plan. 
  • Choose the shape and number of seating places for each table. 



  • Resize, move, copy, edit, or delete your tables in each service section to match your floor plan. You can also view the assigned server at each table. 



  • Specify the number of guests seated at a table for each order. 

  • Assign items to individual guests or to the whole table.



  • Easily move items for the whole table to a specific guest, switch an order to another table, change the number of guests at a table, change the table's assigned server, and print the kitchen or customer receipt for the table. 



  • Quickly move items from one guest to another (or to the whole table), and move a guest to another table.



  • View reporting to see which orders have open tables and which have been paid for. You can also view the specific table and service section assigned to each order, as well as the assigned server.Table_Orders_Screen.jpg


For more information, please see and


2. Specify the Columns Displayed in Reports

  • You can now customize what data you would like displayed in each report by specifying which columns to include or not include.  



3. Changes to the Orders Screen in POS

  • The Orders page in POS has been updated to now list orders by date and specify with color coding which orders are open and which have been paid for (along with listing table and service section names for those with Table Management). 



4. Control Whether Salespersons Can Open/Close Register

  • Increase security and decrease risk of employee theft by preventing salespersons from opening and closing the register (and inputting opening and closing cash amounts).




5. Create Vendors From PO Receiving Page

  • You can now easily create new vendors while receiving inventory, directly from the PO Receiving page (instead of having to create from the Vendors section in the left menu). 




6. Create Department/Category From Product Creation Page

  • If you want to quickly add a product whose category or department was not yet created, you can now create the new category/department directly from the product creation page (instead of first selecting the Departments and Categories pages from the left menu).



7. New Columns in Tax Report

  • The Tax Report has 2 additional columns (Tax Calculated and Delta) to account for the difference between the tax calculated and tax collected (due to rounding rules).



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