Processing Pre-Authorization Payments


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Unsuccessful Pre-Authorization Payments

Viewing Pre-Authorized Order Details

Closing Batches with Pre-Auth Orders





1. Add the item(s) the customer is purchasing to the shopping cart.

2. Select the Pre-Auth button.

3. You will be prompted to process the payment on your terminal. Insert/swipe the card to process, after which a Processing pop-up will appear.


Note: Loyalty discounts will not apply during pre-auths. In this case, after the Pre-Auth button is selected, a warning message will appear :"Your Loyalty discount can only be applied during checkout.“

4. If tips are set up, the Tips screen will appear next.

5. You will be taken to the Authorized Card Payment screen. Here, the Total Due amount will be displayed, along with the "Pre-Auth'd Amount from card ending [last 4 digits of card]", with the amount appearing in green. Select Process to charge the authorized card the Total Due amount, which will be then be sent to the terminal. 

  • Any items added afterwards will be processed on the pre-authorized card without needing to re-swipe/re-insert it. 



  • If the pre-auth amount is less than Total Due amount and the payment was declined, a pop up will appear informing that it declined and providing 2 alternative options to select. Those are:



A) Split, which will take you to the Split Payment screen, where you will be able to split the Total Due between the accepted pre-auth amount (with Auth’d Card ending [last 4 digits of card] displayed in the first position) and the rest of the Total Due not paid by pre-auth will be available to charge via other payment types – cash, credit, external, etc. 

  • After selecting Charge next to the Auth'd Card payment on the Split Payment screen, it will follow the same steps as when the pre-auth was not declined.



B) Another Payment Type - if selected, you will be redirected to the All Payments screen, where you will be able to select a different payment type for the order (instead of pre-authorization).


6. After a successful pre-auth (based on the minimum pre-auth amount set in Back Office), a pop up will appear saying that the payment was successfully pre-authorized. It will also display the last 4 digits of the pre-authorized credit card. 


  • The popup will also contain 2 buttons:

A) Continue Ordering, which if selected, will go back to the current shopping cart and save the already added items. These items will also be saved in the Order Details

  • In this case, there will only be 2 buttons on the bottom of the Order Details screen: Open and Cancel
  • The Open button re-opens the pre-auth order so additional items can be added/processed. 
  • The Cancel button cancels the order and voids the pre-authorized amount. Once selected, the following verification message appears: "This order has pre-authorized amount. Do you want cancel this order and void pre-authorization? Yes/No"


B) Start New Order, which if selected will empty the shopping cart and the previously selected items will not be saved in the Order Details.

  • In this case, on the Order Details screen, the following buttons will appear: Print Bill, Print Kitchen Receipt (if configured), Email Bill, Open, Cancel, and Charge.
  • If you select the Charge button, it will go to the All Payments screen, with a new payment button option that says: AUTHORIZED CARD ENDING IN [last 4 digits of card]. You can either charge pre-auth this way or right from the shopping cart.



7. If the pre-auth was successful, a green stripe with the text "Pre-Authorized" will appear above the Total section.



Unsuccessful Pre-Authorization Payments

  • If the pre-auth was unsuccessful, there will be an error message that says “Error occurred while processing the payment. User aborted”. In this case, the order will not be created in your Orders.


Viewing Pre-Authorized Order Details

  • On the Orders screen, you can easily find your pre-auth orders by selecting Pre-Authorized from the Status drop-down filter.



  • The Order Name for pre-auth orders will be automatically pre-populated as the cardholder's first name, last name + the last 4 digits of the card. 



  • Whether Continue Ordering or Start New Order was selected after a successful pre-auth, the order will be saved as a new order in Orders, with the status "Pre-Authorized" and with the Pre-Auth'd amount displayed. 



  • As mentioned, if Continue Ordering was selected, the previously added items will be saved in the Order Details. If Start New Order was selected, the previously added items will not be saved in the Order Details.


Closing Batches with Pre-Auth Orders

  • If you select to close a batch in the Tips section that contains at least one pre-auth order, a pop-up will appear that says “Pre-Authorized orders detected. After batch will be closed all pre-auth orders will be re-saved without pre-auth amounts. If you want to cancel the pre-auth amount and close the batch - select DONE. If you want complete orders - select CANCEL.
    • If Done is selected, the pre-auth order will be voided, the order status will be changed to Not Paid, and the batch will be closed.
    • If Cancel is selected, it will redirect you to the Orders page, with Pre-Authorized pre-selected from the Order Status filter. You can then choose the pre-auth order(s) you want to complete and select the Charge button on the Order Details screen. Afterwards, you can go back and close the batch.
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