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Differences Between Self Serve Kiosk and POS Register

Customer Flow of Self Serve Kiosk

Idle Timeout





  • If you would like to track all sales done on a self serve kiosk register, you can create an Employee specifically for that purpose, using that employee PIN to log in to the register. Your reporting will then show all sales done on the self serve register under that Employee name. 


Accessing the Left Menu

  • When you first log in to the self serve register, the left navigation menu will be open until you tap out of the navigation menu area. Once this occurs, the menu will disappear from view. 
  • To reopen the left navigation menu, tap on the top left corner of the screen (where the open menu option typically is) five times. The menu will open after entering your PIN. 



Differences Between Self Serve Kiosk and POS Register

Other than the left menu disappearing from view, there are several other differences in the display between the self server register and a regular POS register.

1. The following displays are also hidden from customers in self serve kiosk mode:

  • All action buttons (Save, Discount, etc)
  • The Order Type drop-down

2. The Walk-In customer popup field is renamed Customer, with the search field saying "Enter your phone or email here“ (will have to be exact match to be added to order).

  • Will only appear if the Add Customers to Orders option was selected in the Self Serve settings in Back Office for the register. 

3. The All Payments and Cash buttons are renamed Checkout

4.  If a product in the shopping cart is selected for editing, the only tabs that will appear are Quantity, Modifiers or Matrix Variant, and Notes. The Discount and Pricing tabs will not appear for customers.


Customer Flow of Self Serve Kiosk

1. If a splash screen was enabled and image uploaded in the Self Serve settings in Back Office, the splash screen uploaded will be displayed and will say "Touch to Begin Ordering."


  • Once the screen is tapped, the customer will be taken to the main POS screen. 
  • If the splash screen was not enabled, the customer will first see the main POS screen. 


2. If the Add Customers to Orders option was selected in the Self Serve settings in Back Office, the customer can select the Customer field on the top left of the screen and then search for themselves by entering their exact email or phone number in the search field. "Enter your phone or email here“ will be displayed. 



3. The customer selects the items they want to add to the shopping cart and they will appear in the left side of the screen. 

  • To edit the Quantity, Modifiers or Matrix Variant, and Notes of an item, the customer can tap on the product in the shopping cart. 



  • The customer can view the Subtotal and Total information for the order on the bottom left of the screen. 


4. When the customer is finished updating their order and is ready to checkout, they select the Checkout button on the bottom left of the screen. 

5. They will be navigated to the Choose payment method screen, where they will have the option of selecting any of the payment types enabled for the self-serve register in the Self Serve Back Office settings (Debit Card will only be an option if enabled in the Payment Gateway tab of Store Settings). 



6. After a payment type is selected, they will be taken to the Place Order screen. Here, customers have the option of entering their name in the Please Enter Your Name (optional) field.


  • If they already added themselves to the order from the POS screen, their name will automatically appear in the field. 

7. If the Ability to Choose Order Type option was enabled in the Back Office Store Settings, under Select Order Type, customers will be able to select either the Dine In (default) or Pickup options.

8. The customer will select the PLACE ORDER button to confirm the order. 

9. They will then be taken to the Receipt screen, which will say "Thank You!", followed by the last 4 digits of their order number, and the message you customized in Back Office either for cash or credit card payments (depending on the payment type selected).

  • If a receipt printer was set up, the receipt will print on this screen as well. 





Idle Timeout

If a customer is in the middle of an order and the screen remains untouched for the specified number of seconds selected in the Self Serve Back Office Settings (options being 60 sec (default), 90 sec, and 120 sec), a popup will appear that says Are you still here?“ The order will be closed after 30 seconds (and then will start counting down).


The options Yes and New Order will be displayed. If the customer selects Yes, the order will continue from where they left off. If New Order is selected, it will return to the main POS screen and the order will not be saved. If neither are selected after the 30 second countdown reaches zero, it will return either to the splash screen (if enabled in Back Office Self Serve settings) or the shopping cart and the order will not be saved.


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