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Self Serve Kiosk in POS



  • Must have the Freedom Package
  • In the left navigation menu, go to Apps--->App Directory and then install the Self Serve app. 



1.  Select Settings--->Register Settings in the left navigation menu.

2. In the General tab, under Register Mode, select the Self Serve option (the default option will be POS Register). 



3. After the Self Serve option is selected, a new tab will appear on the top of the page, called Self Serve. Select the tab to configure the settings for the self serve register.



4. On this screen, you can choose from the following options for the self serve register by selecting the checkbox to the left of each that you would like to configure:

  • Cash Payments – If selected, cash will appear as a payment option for customers. After ordering on the kiosk, they will be able to pay at the cash register.
  • Credit Cards - If selected, credit and debit cards will appear as payment options for customers (if configured). 
  • Tipping – If selected, customers will be able to enter tips on the screen during card transactions (if tips was configured in Store Settings). 
  • Add Customers to Orders – If selected, customers will be able to add themselves to orders via the Customers drop-down on the top left of the POS screen. If the Loyalty box was selected, this option must be enabled. 
  • Loyalty – If selected, loyalty customers will earn points and rewards (after selecting themselves as customers). This option will only appear if the Loyalty app was installed, the loyalty program was added to the store, and the Add Customers to Orders option was selected. 
  • Send Only Paid Orders to Kitchen – If selected, when an order’s Status is Paid, the kitchen receipt will print. If the order status is Unpaid, the kitchen receipt will not print. When this option is not selected, the kitchen receipt will print for every order, whether paid or unpaid. The checkbox will only appear if the "Kitchen Receipt" box was selected in Store Settings. 
  • Idle Timeout – From this drop-down, you will be able to choose how much time the POS screen should be idle after not being touched during a customer order. After the time runs out, a popup will appear confirming if the customer is still there, counting down 30 seconds, after which it will return to the main screen and delete the order. The options are 60 sec (default), 90 sec, 120 sec
  • Customer Message for Cash and Customer Message for Credit Card Payments (credit and debit) – In these fields, you can enter a customized message that will be shown to customers on the Thanks screen, after they select the corresponding payment type during self checkout.
  • Show Splash Screen – If selected, you will be able to upload an image that will be displayed when the POS screen is idle that will say "Touch to Begin Ordering." If deselected after adding an image, the image will not appear when the screen is idle but it will be saved in if box selected again. 


5. Select the Done button to save. 


Self Serve Kiosk in POS


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