Adding PAX Terminal on Windows PC - How to Bypass Chrome Security Errors (Accept Certificates)



Before adding a PAX terminal on the Terminal Setup screen in POS on a Windows PC, you will need to bypass the Chrome security errors in order for Chrome to accept the PAX certificate and allow PAX to process transactions. 

If you attempted to add the PAX's serial number on the Terminal Setup screen, before following the below steps, in eHopper you will see a blinking white screen (it may also say "Unable to connect to terminal"). See the instructions below to resolve.



1. Copy the following without spaces (and with including --):   --ignore-certificate-errors

2. Right click on the Google Chrome Icon on your PC desktop and choose to Run as Administrator


3. Select the Properties option. 


4. In the Target: field, input the cursor at the end of the path (right after .exe") and select the space-bar on your keyboard to add a space. 


5. Paste  --ignore-certificate-errors in that spot. 


6. Select the Apply button. 

7. Select OK on the same popup

8. Close Google Chrome and restart your computer.

9. Once your computer is restarted, reopen Chrome and log in to

10. In the left navigation menu, go to Settings--->Terminal Setup

11. If a terminal is already displayed, delete the row. 

12. Click the Add Terminal button.



13. Input the Serial Number of your PAX Terminal and click Submit



14. Click Accept Certificate



15. On the new tab that pops up in your browser, click Advanced.



16. Click Proceed to (unsafe)



17. Click Done on the Terminal Setup screen.

18. If all above steps were done correctly and the issue is still occurring,  it is likely that your domain services have blocked Chrome from being allowed in your network. To resolve, please contact your network technician.


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