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Freedom customers can choose to receive a daily sales report via email. The report includes info on your company's daily number of transactions, new customers, repeat customers, items sold, total sales, refunds, top selling category, and top selling item.



  • Must be a Freedom Package customer. 
  • Must have installed the Notifications app in the Back Office App Directory



1. In the Back Office left navigation menu, go to Apps--->Notifications




2. In the Daily sales report section, select the Active box to enable the daily sales report email. Uncheck it to no longer receive the emails.

3. Select the checkboxes of all employee roles you would like the daily sales report email to be sent to. The options are Administrators, BO Operators, and Sales Managers.

4. In the End of business day drop-down, select the time you would like the daily sales report email to be sent out. 

5. Select your Company time zone from the drop-down menu. 

6. Select the Done button to save. 

  • A daily sales report email will be sent to all selected parties, every day at the specified time, until the Active box is deselected. 
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