Generate and Print Customer Codes on Loyalty Cards


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Generate Customer Codes

Export Customer Codes

Print Customer Codes Onto Physical Loyalty Cards

Enrolling a Customer to Loyalty With Loyalty Cards

Scanning Loyalty Cards for Repeat Customer Visits



  • In the system, you can easily generate Customer Codes and then have them printed onto physical loyalty cards.
  • When a customer enrolls in your loyalty program, hand them a loyalty card and quickly assign the customer code to that customer. 
  • Every time that customer visits your business, simply scan their loyalty card, and their info (including loyalty point status) will instantly be brought up and saved for the order. 
  • As an alternative to physical Loyalty cards, you can also save a customer's mobile phone number, to quickly bring up their information and point status, as they come in to order. 



1. In Back Office, navigate to Apps--->App Directory in the left navigation menu.

2. Select and install the Loyalty app.



3. A payment screen will appear. Select the Buy button to purchase.

Note: Pricing is based on the total number of qualifying loyalty visits across all active locations per month. If this number surpasses 500 for a month (501-1000 qualified visits), the price for that month will increase by $10. It will increase by an additional $10 each time another 500 qualified visits is reached (1001-1050, 1051-1100, etc).


Generate Customer Codes

1. Select Apps--->Loyalty in the left navigation menu.



2. Select the Customer Code Generator tab. 


3. Enter the number of customer codes that you would like to be generated in the field.

4. Select the Generate button.

Note: You will not be able to generate more customer codes until 90% of the codes that were last generated have been assigned to customers.


Export Customer Codes

1. Select the down arrow on the right side of the Export CSV button to open a drop-down menu. 



2. Select Latest generated codes to only export the customer codes that were last generated, Unassigned codes to only export the codes that have not yet been assigned to customers, and All generated codes to export all customer codes that have ever been generated.

3. Select the download that appears on the bottom of the screen to open the .csv file and view the codes.


Note: By default, data in .CSV files is in 'General' formatting. To properly use the customer codes from the exported file, the formatting of the Customer Codes column will need to be changed to 'Number' formatting. To do this, please view the instructions below.  

4. In the exported customer code .csv file, highlight the entire Customer Code column by selecting the A above the column header.



5. Once the column is highlighted, select the HOME tab. 



6. In the Numbers section, select the down arrow to open the drop-down menu.

7. Select the Fraction option. 




8. Select the File tab--->Save as

9. Save the file as an Excel Workbook. 



Print Customer Codes on Physical Loyalty Cards

1. Visit to purchase loyalty cards and other accessories, such as acrylic displays for the cards.

  • Through the end of March, there is a special 10% discount off all orders. Simply enter the following coupon code into the code field: 2019KICKOFF
  • You can send in your own design artwork for the cards or provide instructions for the design that you would like. 

2. When purchasing the loyalty cards, send your exported .csv file with the customer codes to, so that each code can be printed on a loyalty card. 

3. The cards will be shipped 5-7 days within approval of proof.


Enrolling a Customer to Loyalty With Loyalty Cards

1. In POS, select the customer popup. The default will say Walk-In.


2. If the customer exists already in the system, search for the customer (by name or phone number) in the search field and then select the arrow to the right of the customer's name to open up the customer's details.


3. Select the Edit button on the top left of the screen. 


4. Select the Loyalty checkbox to sign the customer up with your Loyalty program.

  • Uncheck the box to end their loyalty subscription. 


5. Input the cursor into the Customer Code field, and then scan the customer code from one of the physical loyalty cards that were created, with a barcode scanner.

  • The customer code from the loyalty card will instantly appear in the field.

6. Enter the customer's Mobile Phone number into the respective field.

7. Select the DONE button to save and successfully enroll the customer to the loyalty program.

  • The customer's name will appear in the customer field and their info will be saved for the order.

8. Hand the loyalty card to the customer for them to keep, so their info can easily be brought up and saved for future visits, with a quick scan of the card.


Scanning Loyalty Cards for Repeat Customer Visits

When an existing loyalty customer comes in to the store, scan their loyalty card with a barcode scanner. 

  • The customer's name will appear in the customer field as seen below, and their info will be saved for the order, including their loyalty point status. 


  • As an alternative to using physical Loyalty cards for quick customer service and tracking, you can also save and search by a customer's mobile phone number.
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