Creating a New Customer in POS


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Creating New Customer Before Order

Creating New Customer Quickly on Receipt Screen 



Note: You can also create/import customers from Back Office. For instructions, please see 


Creating New Customer Before Order

1. Tap the customer popup on the top of the screen. (By default, it will say Walk-In.) 


2. After opening the customer popup, select + New Customer.


3. On the New Customer screen, select whether you would like to input the customer's Personal info or Business info from by clicking one of the tabs on the top of the screen. 


4. Input the customer’s contact info and select if customer would like to receive Marketing materials. Required fields are marked with an *.

Note: Entering a customer's contact info is most important when the order type is Delivery so that the order can be delivered to the customer's location.

  • If you would like to input more detailed customer info, select the button to the left of Advanced Settings so that it turns blue. You will then be able to enter such info as the store the customer visits, the Salesperson who manages him, his Driver Licence info, the Tax ID, and any notes you may have about the customer.

5. Click the DONE button to confirm. 


Creating New Customer Quickly on Receipt Screen

1. After a payment is processed, on the Receipt screen, turn on the Email receipt toggle and enter the customer's email address in the field. 

2. Select the Add new customer? switch so it turns green and then new fields will appear for entering the customer's First Name and Last Name.

Note: this option will not be available if a customer was already selected for the order. 

3. Select the Done button. 

  • The customer will be created in the system, saving their email address, name, and order information, which can be viewed on their Customer Details screen.
  • The customer can also be searched for and selected for future orders. 
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