Updating Fulfillment Status of Order


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  • Freedom customers can update the fulfillment status (New, In Preparation, Prepared, In Fulfillment. Fulfilled) of each order at any point. 



1. Must be a Freedom customer.

2. Must be assigned either AdministratorManager, or Sales Person employee roles. 

3. In Back Office, install Order Management app by going to Apps--->App Directory--->select Order Management box--->click Install button.






4. In POS, select Synchronize in the left navigation menu to update.




1. Click on Orders in the left navigation menu.


2. Select the order you would like to edit the status for.


3. On the Order Details screen, select the Fulfillment box.

4. A popup list will appear of fulfillment status options. Select the one that you would like to update the order to.

The Fulfillment Options are:

  • New: The order has been placed in the system but the kitchen has not yet started preparing the order
  • In Preparation: Kitchen has started to prepare order
  • Prepared: Kitchen completed preparing order 
  • In Fulfillment: Order is on its way to the customer
  • Fulfilled: The order has been delivered to the customer. 

  • You can update the fulfillment status for all types of orders, except for Quick Sale and Manual Sale.
  • Fulfillment status can be updated at any point, whether after saving an order or after it has been processed.
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