Moneris Credit Card Terminal Setup for Canada


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Getting Started with Moneris

Connecting PINpad to Ethernet Cable

Configuring the Terminal 

Setting Up the Moneris Terminal in POS

Card Payments with Moneris Terminals



Canadian merchants can set up and use Moneris terminals to process integrated credit and debit card payments via eHopper.


Getting Started with Moneris

  1. Call the Moneris Sales line: 1-855-465-4980
  2. Provide Configuration Code C000296EMV to the processor to configure terminals with settings supported by eHopper.
  3. Fill out the onboarding application with the sales rep.
  4. Wait for the delivery of the Moneris terminals.  

 Note: To use a Moneris terminal, you must be located in Canada.


Connecting PINpad to Ethernet Cable

  1. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the iPP320 PINpad and the other end in a junction box.
  2. Connect the DC jack on the junction box to a power adapter cable. 
  • The diagram below illustrates how to connect the PINpad to a hub/router/switch using an Ethernet cable. The ECR also connects to the hub/router/switch using an Ethernet cable. Connect the cables and devices in the order indicated by the circled numbers.
  • IMPORTANT: You must use the exact power cable provided with the iPP320 PINpad by Moneris Solutions. Failure to do so may affect the operability of, or cause damage to, the PINpad.


Configuring the Terminal 

1. Power cycle the PINpad by If a power cable is attached, disconnect the power cable (if attached) from the power source and then reconnecting it. If the power cable is not attached, disconnect the PINpad-to-ECR cable from the PINpad then reconnect it.

2. Connect the PINpad-to-ECR cable to the PINpad and the ECR and a power source. 

3. The version information screen will appear that displays the device's serial number and version information. Press the red key and then press the green key to get to the Configuration screens.

4. On the LANGUAGE/LANGUE screen, press F1 to select ENGL for English or press F4 to select FRAN for French.

5. On the MODE screen, press the F2 key to scroll down to PCI and then press the green key to select it as the integration mode. 

6. Select the Ethernet IP Type you are using:
 For static IP addressing, press F1 to select STATIC.
 For dynamic IP addressing, press F4 to select DYNAMIC.

7. After host initialization has been completed, the Terminal ID screen will display the ECR’s terminal ID. Press the green key to continue.

8. The next screen that appears displays the PINpad serial number. Press the green key to complete the configuration.

9. The PINpad displays the screen below while saving the configuration settings, provided that the PINpad is connected to the Moneris host.

10. Once the configuration is complete, the parameters are saved and the PINpad begins communicating with the host. You will see several "Sending/Receiving" messages. It may also automatically reboot depending upon previously selected options. When the PINpad returns to the WELCOME/BONJOUR screen, it is ready to use. The PINpad listens for host messages on port 1.


Setting Up the Moneris Terminal in POS

1. Log in to eHopper Back Office and navigate to Settings--->Store Settings in the left navigation menu.

2. In the Contacts tab, ensure that Canada is selected from the Country drop-down.

3. In the Payment Gateway tab, select Moneris from the Payment Gateway drop-down.

4. From the Batch Close Type drop-down, select Merchant close if you would like to close the batch manually in POS or select System close if you would like the terminal to close the batch automatically. 

5. Select the DONE button.

6. Log in to POS and sync data.

7. Select Settings--->Terminal Setup in the left navigation menu.

8. Enter the terminal's IP Address, Terminal ID/ECR ID, and Merchant ID, all of which should be provided by Moneris support. 


9. Select Add Terminal.

  • If the terminal was successfully added, you should now be able to process card payments with Moneris. 

Note: Setting up the Moneris terminal printer must be done via Device Center on a Windows PC device.  

Note: Moneris terminals do not have a touch screen, so customer signatures cannot be inserted on the terminal: only on the receipt. 



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