Integrated Barcode Scanner Setup on Elo PayPoint Plus for iPad



Note: The following steps must be done before downloading the eHopper POS app on your iPad. If the eHopper app is already installed, delete it after syncing (all data will be saved).

1. Go to the App Store and install the Elo PayPoint Framework app. 



2. Open the app and select the Barcode tab on the bottom of the screen. 



3. Tap the Trigger BCR link. 



4. Return to the App Store and install the eHopper POS app.

5. Open the app and log in to POS with your credentials. 

6. Select to Sync from the left navigation menu. 

7. Take the barcode of an item that was already set up in the eHopper Back Office (the UPC Code must have been entered and saved for the item) and hold, it facing the scanner, about a few inches away.

  • The scanned item should appear in the shopping cart.


Note: The SocketMobile Series 7 CHS 7Ci scanner will work with the iPad as well. For set up instructions, please see

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