Integrated Cash Drawer Setup on Elo PayPoint Plus for iPad



1. In the eHopper POS app, navigate to the left navigation menu and tap on Settings--->Cash Drawer.

2. Tap Search for cash drawer.

3. In list of printers that appear, select the TSP143lllBl printer.


4. Tap the Test link to the right of the selected printer. If the drawer opens, it is working properly. 

5. Confirm cash drawer settings by tapping DONE

  • The cash drawer should now be set up to work in eHopper. 


Note: All external cash drawers that are compatible with eHopper on iPads will work with the Elo device as well: eHopper 16" Cash Drawer, APG Vasario Cash Drawer, and M-S Cash Drawer CF–405-M-B. For set up instructions, please see

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