Minimum Quantity Notifications for Inventory



Freedom customers can choose to receive a daily notification email with info on all inventory that have reached their minimum quantity levels in all stores in order to better manage and organize your stock and to avoid profit loss.



  • Must be a Freedom Package customer. 
  • Must have installed the Notifications app in the Back Office App Directory. 



1. In the Back Office left navigation menu, go to Apps--->Notifications

2. Select the Minimum inventory alert box to have notification emails be sent out every 24 hours that list all active inventory that have reached their minimum quantity (that was pre-set for each product when creating the product) in each store. 

  • Includes active inventory items, matrix items and their variants, and items with ingredients.
  • You will not receive an email if none of your inventory have reached their minimum quantity levels.
  • You will not be notified about quantity of inactive items or items from inactive stores. 

3) Select the Attach CSV report checkbox to have a .csv report attached to each minimum quantity email and/or the Attach PDF report checkbox to have a PDF report attached to each email, each containing the same info presented in the email. 

4) Input each email address that you would like to receive the notification emails in the Enter Email fields. To add an additional email address, select Add an email

  • To remove an email, select the red X to the right of the email address you want to delete. 

5) Select the DONE button to save. 


Minimum Quantity Alert Emails

  • The daily alert email for items that reached their minimum quantity include the item name, the item's store, the pre-set minimum quantity number, and the current remaining quantity number (will be equal to or below the minimum number).



  • The same information will be displayed in a PDF report and/or .csv report attachment (if set in Back Office).

PDF Report



 CSV Report

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