Creating and Printing Barcode Labels



You can customize and then export and print readily made barcode labels for products and ingredients. 





1. In the Back Office left navigation menu, go to Apps--->Barcode Labels 

2. Select either the Products or Ingredients tab depending on which you would like to print barcodes for.

Note: Barcode labels for matrix variants can also be printed but not for the general matrix product. 

3. Choose either the Display list option or to search for each item one by one in the search bar. 

4. Choose if you would like an item's Display name (which may be edited) and Display price to appear on the label by selecting the corresponding box. 

  • Display price does not appear as an option for ingredients – only products.

5. Specify the quantity of barcode labels that you would like to be exported (and printed) for one item or multiple items at once.

  • The barcode will include the UPC code you inputted in the UPC/Barcode field in the General tab of the product or Ingredient. 

6. When all quantities are inputted, select the Export button.

7. A drop-down will appear with the following size options for printing the labels onto a label sheet: 4" x 2" - 10 Labels Per Sheet, 2.625" x 1" - 30 Labels Per Sheet, or 1.75" x 0.5" - 80 Labels Per Sheet. Select one of these options. 

  • The barcode labels will be exported as a PDF.

8. Place a label sheet that corresponds to the label size you chose onto your printer and then print the exported PDF. 

  • The barcode labels should print directly onto the labels on the label sheet. 


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