Cash Denomination Count



1) Must be a Freedom Plan customer.

2) Must have installed the Denomination Count app in the App Directory.


Selecting Cash Denominations to Track

1) In Back Office, go to Apps--->Denomination Count in the left navigation menu. 

2) Under Cash declarations, Several Bills and Coins will be listed by default. To delete one, select the red X to the right of the Amount.



  • To add a new bill or coin, select the + sign on the bottom of the corresponding list and enter either the bill or coin amount that you would like to track into the field that appears.  


3. Select the Done button to add the bill or coin to the list of denominations.  


Track Selected Denominations

1) In POS, select Open Register in the left navigation menu. 


2) On the right side, under Opening Amount, input the number of each bill and coin that you selected in Back Office that are currently in the drawer.


  • The total amount in change for each denomination will automatically appear, along with the total Opening amount from all bills and coins added together. 

3) You can follow the same steps when closing the register to view the total Closing amount and amount per each denomination. 

4) On the left side, you will be able to view the Opening amount of cash tracked when the register was last opened, along with the Expected Amount taking into account the cash flow since the register was opened.

The Variance shows the difference between what is currently in the drawer (from the total Closing amount) and what is expected to be in the drawer at the closing of the register.


  • This same data can be viewed in the Back Office Z Report Details screen. Select either the Opening Amount of cash or Closing Amount to view the full count of each denomination from that register shift. 






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