Inventory Report



In the Inventory Report, you can view data on all products, including profit and quantity information.


  • To access, go to Reporting--->Inventory Report in the left navigation menu. 
  • You can customize which columns you would like displayed in the report by selecting the Set Columns drop-down field and then selecting the checkbox next to each column you would like to include. 
  • The columns in the Inventory Report include: 
    • Cost: Cost per unit to acquire item from vendor
    • ID: Automatically assigned to product when created. It gives the product an identifier. 
    • Item: Product name 
    • Price: Sales price per unit of product
    • Margin: Calculated by the formula ((Price-Cost)/Price) * 100
    • Total Quantity: Current quantity of product in stock
    • Total Cost: Quantity * Cost
    • Total Value: Calculated by the formula ((Price - Cost) / Price) * 100%
    • To easily find info on a specific product, you can search for it in the search box by typing in the item ID, name, or UPC or filter the item by StoreDepartment, Category, or Inventory Type from the respective drop-down filters, and then selecting the Search button.


  • Columns ID, Item, and Price can be sorted by selecting their respective column headers. 
  • Export the Inventory Report to a .csv file by clicking the Export button and then click on the download to open the report. 
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