Contactless Payments: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay


Apple Pay

  1. Once the payment is ready to be processed on the terminal, have the customer hold their iPhone up to the terminal (within one inch). 
  2. They should then tap their Touch ID button with the finger they have associated with their ID to complete the purchase.
  • If the Touch ID doesn’t work or isn’t set up on their device, they will be asked for their pass-code to unlock the iPhone to confirm their identity.


Google Pay

1. Once the customer's phone is unlocked with the screen on, they should hold the back of their phone within an inch of the terminal for a few seconds.

  • The NFC antenna could either be near the top or bottom of the device so the phone may need to be held one of those ways.
  • If Google Pay sends the payment info, you will see a blue check mark.

When the payment goes through, follow the same instructions you would if you insert your card.

2. When the payment goes through, continue with the same steps as you would for a normal transaction. 


Samsung Pay

1. To open Favorite Cards, the customer should swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

  • Depending on the settings, Favorite Cards can be accessed from the Lock or Home screen, or when the screen is off.
2. They should touch PIN or IRIS to access Samsung Pay and then enter their Samsung Pay PIN (if PIN selected).
3. Place the back of the phone against the terminal. 
  • To retry, touch the Retry icon.
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