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  • You must be a Freedom customer and have installed the VidaPay payment app in the Back Office App Directory
  • You must have a VidaPay account.
  • Only available in the US. 


Selling VidaPay Products on eHopper POS

1. Select the VidaPay category that you set up in Back Office.

  • "Apps" is the default category.


2. Select the customer pop-up (default will say Walk-In) on the top left of the screen and then add or select a customer for the transaction.

Note: VidaPay requires that a customer be selected. 


3. Select the VIDAPAY button.



4. You will be redirected to the VidaPay app. Enter your VidaPay Account ID, User Name, and Password.


5. After a successful log-in, select either Activation, Long Distance products, devices from the Marketplace, or Top Up.



6. Below is an Activation example. Select one of the carriers that appear. 

  • Carriers appear dynamically based on the logged user's credentials. 


7. Select an activation.


8. Enter the phone's serial number (either a new phone he is purchasing or his previous phone) in the Device Info field and then select the Validate button.

Important Note: If purchasing a new phone, its serial number must have already been added to the corresponding product in the PO Receiving page of Back Office. 


9. If the customer has already registered with VidaPay, enter their Email and Zip Code in the Consumer Info fields. 


  • If the customer has not yet registered for VidaPay, select the Is this a new Total Wireless email? Must click to register box and then input their account info.   


  • If the customer would like to keep their existing phone number with this new activation, select the Port in Your Existing Number field and then input their info into the fields shown below. 


10. You will be able to view the activation costs. Select the Activate button to activate.


  • The customer receipt will appear. 


  •  Select the Merchant Receipt tab to view the merchant receipt.


11. After a successful activation, select the blue Download to POS button.


12. The activated plan and products will be automatically added to the eHopper POS shopping cart. Select a payment method and process the transaction.  


13. After the payment is processed, you can choose to print or email the receipt.


  • You will be able to view the order information in the Orders section. 


  • In Back Office, you will be able to view the Activation Report (for Activation payments) and the Bill Payment Report (for Top Up payments), after processing VidaPay transactions. 





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