Cash Discounts

  • Cash discounts are a type of surcharge that are legal in all states and allows you to offer a discount to customers who pay with cash. A small service fee is added to all customers' orders before they are processed. When a customer pays by cash, the fee is discounted.
  • Customers must be informed in advance about cash discount fees through signage. 


How to Use Cash Discounts with eHopper POS

  1. Configure cash discounts in Back Office.
  2. Apply cash discounts on POS
  3. View reports


 1. Configure Cash Discounts in Back Office

  1. Go to Apps--->App Directory and install the Merchant Fee Programs app.

2. Once installed, select Apps--->Merchant Fee Programs from the left navigation menu.

3. In the upper right corner, select New--->New Cash Discount.

4. Enter Cash Discount Fee Name, Cash Discount Name, and Rate (could be flat fee or percentage).

5. Optionally select the Include tax in cash discount fee box to include the order tax in the cash discount fee rate.

6. Ensure that Is Active is selected and click Done.

7. Go to Settings--->Company Settings--->Merchant Fee tab.

8. Select the cash discount you want to use from the drop-down list.

9. Select Done.

  • Follow steps 7-9 for each store, with selecting Store Settings from the Settings menu. 


2. Apply Cash Discounts on POS

  1. Log in to POS.
  2. Select Synchronize from left navigation or top right of page.
  3. Select any product(s) and the system will display the cash discount fee that you set up automatically.


  1. If a customer is paying via any payment type other than cash (credit, debit, external payment, etc), the Cash Discount Fee will remain and there will be no Cash Discount provided (it will appear as $0).


  • If a customer pays by cash, the Cash Discount Fee remains, but a Cash Discount will be provided that equals the amount of the Cash Discount Fee. Cash_discount_-_cash.jpg

5. Once processed, select to either print or email the receipt. This receipt will include the cash discount fee and cash discount.


3. Reporting

  • After processing Cash Discount Fees (for transactions where Cash Discounts were not provided), the system will display the info in the Merchant Fee Programs Report and Z Report.


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