PO Receiving Report


The PO Receiving Report shows details regarding the receival of stock of each item in a company's store(s). 


1) Must be a Freedom Package customer and have downloaded the PO Receiving app in the App Directory.

2) Can only review PO Receiving data on stores you have been assigned to by an Administrator. 

In this report, you can:

  • Filter items by their Vendor, the store where item(s) were received (Store In), and the Employee who reported the receival in their respective drop-down menus.
  • Filter by time period by selecting one of the options in the date range drop down menu. The default will say Today.
  • Search for PO Receiving data on a particular item by inputting its Product ID, Product Name, Product UPC Code, Product SKU, PO Receiving ID, or Ref Num of PO Receiving in the search box.
  • Sort by individual columns by clicking on that column's header.
  • View information in the PO Receiving Report, including the item’s IDRef NumVendor, store it was received in in the Store In column, the Total Qty of the item received, Total Cost of the received item, Date it was received, and the Employee who enacted the receival of the item.
  • Export the PO Receiving Report (with the particular info you chose from search criteria, filters and sorting) to a csv file by clicking the Export button and then clicking on the download to open it. 



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