Entering Tips from Receipts and Closing Batch


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  • Users who have been provided with tips on the order receipt can manually enter their tip amount on the Tips screen and then close the order or batch for it to be entered in the system.
  • On this screen, all processed credit card payments can be closed on all registers that are set up with a PAX terminal, charging the customers' credit cards and sending the money to the bank. 



1. Must have been assigned a Sales Manager role.

2. In Back Office, after going to Settings--->Store Settings--->Tips tab, the Tips check box should be checked.



  • If the Tips box is checked, an Allow cash tips box will appear for selection if you would like the ability for tips to be entered for cash payments.

3. PAX Terminal must be set up from in POS and then selected from the Payment Gateway drop-down menu after going to Settings--->Store Settings--->choose store--->Payment Gateway tab in Back Office.

  • You can only close transactions on the register it was processed on with PAX terminal. 



1. Click on Tips in the left navigation menu. 

  • On the Tips screen, filter data by specific Stores or Employee in their respective drop-down menus.

  • For each order, view the order Status, Order ID, Store, Register, Price, Date, Employee who took the order, and Tips provided to the particular employee.
  • If tips were entered on the receipt for any payment type, enter the tip amount in the Tips column and then close the order or the batch for it to be entered into the system.
  • Click on a particular order to view additional order details. 


2. Close the batch on all card transactions that appear on the screen, in addition to all tips inputted from customers' order receipts by selecting the Close Batch button, sending money from the customers' card to your bank.


  • Select the Save Orders button to save all transactions currently on the screen for closing later. 
  • If you would only like to close certain orders on the screen, click on the leftmost box next to the order row(s) you want to charge and then select the Close Orders button.


Note: You can only close transactions that were processed on the register it was processed on.

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