Close Batch from POS


Merchants who collect tips and process payments with a PAX terminal should manually close the batch from POS.

This option will be available if:

  1. The user has been assigned a Sales Manager role in the eHopper Back Office after selecting specific employee in left navigation.



2. The Tips check box is clicked on in the Tips section of Store Settings in the Back Office



3. PAX Terminal is set up in eHopper and selected as the Payment Gateway for the register in Register Settings in Back Office

To Close Batch manually:

1. Click on "Tips" in the left navigation menu. It will take you to the Orders Tips screen.

2. Choose whether you would like to filter by specific stores or employees by clicking the down arrow filters by both of those fields and selecting your preferred option. If you would like to close batch for all stores and all employees, select "All Stores' or 'All Employees.''3. Close batch on all registers that use PAX as a payment gateway by selecting 'Close Batch.' 

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