You can use Payin and Payout options in in eHopper when handling cash.

Cash operations are available for users with Administrator and Manager roles.


  • To use this feature, select ‘Payins/Payouts’ in the left navigation menu and the screen will open.



  • You can view the amount of cash the system expects to be in your cash drawer on the right of 'Cash In Drawer'.
  • You can select the desired operation of either Payin or Payout.
  • When using the Payin option, input the amount of cash you would like to have paid in.
  • When using the Payout option, input the amount of cash you would like to have paid out. and add any applicable notes.
  • You can add notes with either option by selecting 'Add Notes'.
  • You cannot payout an amount larger than what is listed in the 'Cash In Drawer' field.
  • You can payin more than the amount available in your cash drawer.
  • Positive amounts in your cash drawer are shown without parentheses. Ex: $100.00.
  • Negative amounts in your cash drawer are shown with parentheses. Ex: ($100.00).
  • Tap on 'Done' to confirm your cash action.


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