You can manually have POS add or subtract money from your cash register through the Payin and Payout options. 

Requirement: Must be assigned either an Administrator or Manager role in Back Office.


To Use Payins/Payouts:

1) Select Payins/Payouts in the left navigation menu.


  • On the Payin/Payout screen, under Cash In Drawer, you can view the amount of cash the system estimates is currently in your cash drawer. Positive amounts are shown without parentheses. Ex: $100.00. Negative amounts are shown with parentheses. Ex: ($100.00).


2) Select if you would like to do either a Payin or Payout by selecting the circle to the left of the one you want to perform. 

  • Optionally add notes to the action by typing in the Notes field. 

3) Whether performing a Payin or Payout, input the amount of cash you are adding or subtracting from your register, respectively, using the calculator or by typing it in. It will show up in the Amount field. 

4) Click on Done button to confirm action.


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