Self-signup from POS


You can create a merchant account for eHopper POS.

To create an account: 

  1. For Android and iPad devices, download eHopper POS from Google Play or App Store. Then, click on the link on the Activation screen below the login fields. On Windows PC, click on the following link: and click 'Get Started' under your preferred plan.


   2. Fill in the necessary info about your business on the eHopper account activation form.


3. Check off "I agree with Terms & Conditions" and then click the "Sign Up" button.

4. Open the introductory welcome email you have received in your inbox and click on the link to POS.

5. Enter your account ID and License Key, which can be found  in the welcome email and tap the Done button. 

6. Enter the PIN #, which is also found in the welcome email. 

7. Accept the Terms & Conditions and tap Submit.

8. You will be logged into the POS.


Note: When an account is first registered on the eHopper website, it will allow access to only one store and one register. If you would like to add an additional store or register, go to  'Store Settings' and 'Register Settings' in the Back Office and click on the 'New Store' or 'New Register' buttons on the top right of the screen. 


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