Setting Up Control Number for Puerto Rico


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Install Control # for Puerto Rico App 

Select Puerto Rico as Store's Country

Add Puerto Rico City and State Tax to Store

Input Control # Token for Register

eHopper will Request Control Number



To set up integration with Puerto Rico Control Number:

  1. Install Control # for Puerto Rico app
  2. Select Puerto Rico as store's country 
  3. Add Puerto Rico City and State tax to store
  4. Input Control # Token for register
  5. eHopper will request Control # for all transactions



  • Must be a Freedom Package customer. 



1. Install Control # for Puerto Rico App 

1. In Back Office left navigation menu, go to Apps--->App Directory--->select Control # for Puerto Rico app 

 2. Click Install button 


2. Select Puerto Rico as Store's Country 

3. Go to Store Settings--->click on Contacts tab.


4. In Country drop-down menu, select Puerto Rico


3. Add Puerto Rico City and State Tax to Store

5. Go to Settings---->Tax Manager in the left navigation menu. 

6. If it doesn't exist already, create a new tax by tapping the New Tax button on the top right of the screen. If you would like to select an existing tax, click on the tax you would like to add for Puerto Rico.

  • Note: You cannot set up more than two taxes per store in Puerto Rico or you will not receive a control number for placed orders.

7. Input the Tax Name, Tax Rate, and Tax Agency in those fields.

8. In the Puerto Rico Tax field, select either City Tax or State Tax from the drop-down menu.


9. Click the Done button.

10. Repeat steps 5-9 again, this time choosing the tax in the Puerto Rico Tax field (either City or State Tax) that was not selected previously.

11. Go to Settings---->Tax Manager--->New Tax--->Combined Tax

12. Input the Puerto Rico tax name in the Tax Name field. 

13. In the Tax Component Name fields, select the City and State taxes that you created. 

14. Click the Done button.


4. Input Control # Token for Register

9. Go to Settings--->Register Settings--->select register want to assign control # token to.

10. Input Control # Token (PR Fiscal Service access token) in that field.

  • To receive additional tokens, contact for more information.

11. Click Done button. 


5. eHopper will Request Control Number

  • When integration with you Puerto Rico Control Number is completed, eHopper will attempt to receive the it from PR Fiscal Service on each transaction, both online and offline.
  • If successful, the control number will be stored in Order Details and printed on a receipt.

  • When POS cannot get the Control Number, ‘NO DISPONIBLE” (Not Available) will be printed on the receipt.
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