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Adding Tax to Order

Change Default Tax

Providing Tax Exemption

Pay Tax for Customer

View All Taxes Applied to Order



After creating taxes in Back Office, you can choose to either include or exempt taxes from a specific order in POS and then view the taxes applied to the order.


Adding Taxes to Orders and Products


1. In Back Office, you must have added the tax agency that is assigning the tax and the specific tax you want to apply to the order on the Tax Agency and Tax Manager pages (found under Settings in left navigation menu). Click on Tax Agencies and Tax Manager to learn more.

2. To add a tax to each order by default, go to the Taxes tab in Store Settings and select the Add taxes to order by default box. Then, select the plus sign and select the tax created in Tax Manager that you would like to be added to the store by default. 

  • If you would like the option of changing the tax from the default one, select the Allow to change taxes before the transaction box and then add other taxes to the store. 

3. To assign the tax to a specific product, go to Inventory--->Products---->click on Taxes tab--->select store from Store drop-down--->click + button--->select tax name from Name drop-down--->click Done button. 

4. Sync data in POS


1. The default tax set in Store Settings will automatically be added to each order.

  • To change the tax from the default tax, select More--->Change tax and then select the tax you want to apply to the order instead.

2. When you select a product for the shopping cart with a tax set on the Products page, the tax will automatically be added to the order. 



Providing Tax Exemption

  • After selecting item(s) for order, click the More menu on the bottom of the screen and then select Tax Exempt from the pop up. 

  • Click More button--->Taxable to add the tax back in.


Change Default Tax

Note: To do this, you must have already enabled this option in your Back Office Store Settings. For more info, please scroll to the "Taxes Tab" section of the following article:


1. Select the More button--->Change tax.

2. Select the tax you want to charge for the  order instead of the default tax (the default tax will remain for future transactions unless changed in Back Office).


Pay Tax for Customer

To pay tax for a particular customer, click the More button--->Include Tax from pop up.

  • The tax will be deducted from the customer and will instead will be paid by your store. 


  • Click on More button--->Revert Tax to once again place tax on customer. 


View All Taxes Applied to Order


A) In shopping cart: In POS, after selecting product(s) for order, you will be able to view the list of taxes and their respective tax values applied to the order. 


B) On printed/emailed receipt: List of taxes for order will also appear on the printed/emailed receipt. 


C) On Order Details screen: You can only view the total tax applied to order and not the list of individual taxes.

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