Upgrading Version of eHopper POS


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Viewing your Current eHopper Version

Upgrading from POS

Upgrading from Back Office



Every time a new upgrade is available, you will have the option of upgrading to the new version of eHopper on Google Play or continuing to use your existing version of eHopper.

  • After the upgrade has started on one of your registers, all other registers which are currently online will receive the upgrade within 30 seconds.
  • You can use up to two different versions of eHopper, as long as they are currently supported.
  • Equipment settings should remain unchanged during the upgrade process.
  • During the upgrade, your data (Orders, Customers, Shifts, etc) will be migrated to the new version of eHopper.



  • The upgrade can only be performed when connected to internet.
  • The upgrade can be confirmed only by a user assigned to an Administrator role.
  • Before starting the update process, you should sync data in POS.


Viewing your Current eHopper Version 

  • Your current eHopper version can be viewed on POS in the lower right corner of the POS login screen (from version .017.0 and up). 



  • Your current eHopper version can be viewed in Back Office in the URL, as seen below. 



Upgrading from POS

  • Once you have logged into POS, you will be notified if a new version is available and will be asked if you would like to upgrade eHopper.


  1. Tap ‘Yes’ to begin the upgrade process or ‘No’ to continue with the existing version.
  • Before updating, you should make sure that all your data is synchronized to prevent loss of data.
  • During the upgrade, you should not use any of the registers in your store or process any transactions or data could be lost.


  1. Input the Administrator’s PIN #.


  • The upgrade process will begin.


  • If there is an error during the upgrade, you will receive an error message informing you. Support will then notify you when you are able to successfully upgrade. In the meantime, you will be able to continue using the previous version of eHopper. 


  1. After the upgrade is complete, you will be prompted to log in once again. You will be able to see the version number Once you login with your Pin #, you will be able to use the updated version of eHopper.


  • If the account was already upgraded on another terminal, you will be notified that the upgrade has occurred.




Upgrading From Back Office

  • If an update is initiated from one of your terminals and you are currently in Back Office on another terminal, you will be notified that an update is in progress.


  • After the upgrade has been successfully completed, you will be brought back to the login screen. Following logging in, you can use the updated version of eHopper in the Back Office.



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