Cash Payments on Poynt




The cash payments process on Poynt is slightly different than for the other devices. 



1. After selecting one or more product(s) in the catalog, click on the green Cash button on the bottom right of the screen.


  • If the Tips and Allow cash tips boxes were selected in your Back Office Company or Store Settings, you will be able to select whether you would like the tips for this transaction to appear On Screen, On Terminal or On Receipt. If not, skip to step 2. 

Note: The Tips screen will not appear if you have installed the EBT Card App.

  • If the On Receipt option was selected, enter the tip amount after the order is processed on the Tips page of POS, accessed from the left navigation menu and then close the batch. 
  • If the On Screen (large screen) or On Terminal (small screen) option was selected, it will take you to the Tips screen, where you can enter the tip amount on the calculator, selecting to input it as either a percentage or currency amount. 

2. On the Cash popup that appears, enter the cash received from the customer using the keyboard. It will appear in the Received Amount field. 

  • The total amount due appears next to the CASH icon. 
  • On the keyboard are shortcut options: Exact inputs the exact amount due  in the Received Amount field (if customer paid exact price), while the $17$10 and $20 options will automatically input those amounts into the field. 

  • The payment will take a few moments to be processed.


3. On the Receipt screen, choose the Receipt language by selecting it from the drop-down.

4. Choose to either Email receipt or Print receipt by tapping the switch to the right of the option (if selected, will appear as blue). 

  • If the Print Receipt option was turned off for a transaction, it will be turned off by default for future transactions until it is turned on again for another transaction. 
  • You also have the option to Print kitchen receipt if enabled for one of the products in the order in the Products section of Back Office.
  • If you selected Email receipt, you will have the option to create the customer in the system, saving his email address, name, and order information. To do this, select the Add new customer? switch so it turns green and then you will have the ability to enter his First Name and Last Name.

Note: this option will not be available if a customer was already selected for the order. 

  • If you purchased the Marketing & Loyalty app, you can perform a Loyalty Check-In for the customer by tapping the switch (will appear green when on).
  • If the amount tendered is larger than the amount due, the Change due will be displayed.

5. Click the DONE button to confirm.

  • If you chose the option of printing the receipt, it will print from the printer set up in Printer Setup.
  • The transaction record can now be viewed in Poynt’s Transactions list. 


  • Click on the transaction to view more info.

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