Credit Card Payments on Poynt


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  • Processing credit card payments is different for Poynt than for the other devices.
  • You will need to set up Poynt as payment processor in Back Office. 



  • Poynt must be set up as your payment processor in Back Office.
  • Must have installed the Credit/Debit POS Integration app in the Back Office App Directory.

  • Credit card payments are only available when online.
  • Can only be performed by Administrator, Manager, and Salesperson employee roles. 



1. After selecting one or more product(s) in the catalog, click on the green All Payments button on the bottom left of the screen.

2. Select Credit Card as the payment method.

3. On the Credit Card Payment screen, you can choose to either swipe the card on the terminal or enter the card info manually. If you wish to Enter card manually, select that switch so it turns green. If not, leave it as seen below. 

4. Input whether you want the Tips & Signature to appear On Receipt or On Poynt (the small screen) by selecting the proffered box. 

5. Tap the PROCESS button.

6. Input the tip amount (either as $ amount or %) on the Tips screen and then press ENTER on the calculator.

6A. If Selected to Enter Card Manually: 

  • Enter the credit card details as shown in the screen below and then tap the CHARGE button.

  • If the card info is valid, a pop up will appear saying it was processed successfully. Click OK button.

6B. If Did Not Select to Enter Card Manually:

  • Insert the credit card into the card slot of your Poynt device.

  • Poynt will take a few moments to process the credit card. After, a prompt will ask for the customer's signature in the chosen method from the above screen. 

7. On the Receipt screen, choose the Receipt language by selecting it from the drop-down.

8. Choose to either Email receipt or Print receipt by tapping the switch to the right of the option (if selected, will appear as blue). 

  • If you purchased the Marketing & Loyalty app, you can perform a Loyalty Check-In for the customer by tapping the switch (will appear green when on).

9.  Tap the DONE button. 

  • If you chose the option of printing the receipt, it will print from the printer set up in Printer Setup.



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