Credit Card Payment



Poynt must be set up as your payment processor in Back Office.

To Perform Credit Card Payment:

1) Tap the green arrow button to the left of the 'Cash' button in the shopping cart and then select the Credit Card payment option.

2) On the Credit Card Payment screen, select the Enter Card Manually box if you would like to input the credit card info manually. If not, leave it blank.

3) Input whether you want the Tips & Signature to appear On Screen, On Receipt, or On Terminal by selecting the circle to the left of the option.

4) Tap the CONTINUE button.

5) Input the tip amount (either as $ amount or %) on the Tips screen and then press ENTER on the calculator.

6) A) If you selected to enter card manually: 

Enter the credit card details as shown in the screen below and then tap the CHARGE button.

If the card info is valid, a pop up will appear saying it was processed successfully. Click OK button.


B) If you did not select to enter card manually:

Insert the credit card into the card slot of your Poynt device.

  • Poynt will take a few moments to process the credit card.

7) On the Receipt screen, ask the customer to input their signature and then select whether the customer wants the receipt emailed or printed by selecting either the Email Receipt or Print Receipt box.

8) Tap the DONE button. 



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