UI/UX of Poynt Shopping Cart




In the Poynt version of eHopper, the shopping cart has two modes:

  • Minimized
  • Expanded


Minimized View

  • Categories and items in product catalog
  • Total $ amount currently in the shopping cart
  • Quantity of
  • Order type pop up
  • Customers pop up
  • Left navigation menu
  • Item search bar
  • Scan option for bar codes
  • Trash icon for deleting item(s) from cart
  • CART button, which expands the cart


Maximized View

  • List of items currently in cart (including options for editing quantity, unit price, discounts, notes)
  • Subtotal, Discount, and Tax from all item(s) in cart
  • Cash and All Payments buttons
  • Save, Notes, Terminal, Discount, and Drawer buttons for the order
  • More button with Tax exempt, Include taxReprint, and Refund options


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