Adding a New Employee


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You can add accounts for as many employees as you would like in eHopper.



  • Can only be done by someone with an Administrator employee role.



1. In the left navigation menu, go to Employees--->Employee List--->New Employee button

2. In the General tab, input the employee’s:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Nickname that will go by in the eHopper Community forum
  • Email
  • PIN number that they log in to eHopper POS with
  • Confirm PIN number by retyping it in that field
  • Password that they log in to eHopper with
  • Confirm Password in that field by retyping it.

3. Assign them an employee Role in the drop-down menu. The options are:

  • Administrator
  • Back Office Operator
  • Sales Manager
  • Salesperson
  • For details of employee roles & permissions, please select this link: Employee Roles & Permissions

4. If the role selected was Salesperson, choose whether to allow the employee to automatically edit the price and discounts of items/orders in POS by checking the Allow price and discount editing on POS box or to disallowing it by leaving it blank. If it is disallowed, the employee will have to enter the PIN of a Sales Manager or Administrator in order to edit prices and discounts.

5. Select the Store(s) you want to assign them to in the drop-down menu. 

5. Make sure the Is Active box is checked off. It should be by default. Uncheck it to make the employee inactive.

6. Go to the Contact Info tab at the top of the screen and input the employee’s Phone number, Address, Country, City, State, and Zip code.

7. Go to the Localization tab at the top of the screen and input the POS Language that the employee will use from the drop-down menu.

  • Back Office Language will always be the same as POS Language selected for employee.
  • Localization settings for employees can be updated only by an Administrator.

8. Click Done button 



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