Vendor Settings


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Table of Contents

Add Vendor

Vendors List


Add Vendor

To add a new vendor, press the “New Vendor” button:

New Vendor screen consists of the following tab pages:

  • General
  • Contact Info

In the General Tab, specify:

  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Type
  • Tax ID
  • Notes
  • is active flag

In the General Tab, specify the contact information:

Vendors List

Vendor shows the list of Merchant’s Vendors. In the Vendors List, you can:

  • View list of vendors
  • Sort vendors

User can view a list of Vendors and sort the list by Name, Type, Status. To initiate sorting column names, an arrow will appear and will show ascending direction:

  • Search for a vendor. To search for specific Vendor, start typing in a Search for Vendor field:

Delete a vendor

  • To delete a vendor, press red 'x' on the selected list item:

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