Viewing Order Info


Viewing Order Information

To access list of orders:

1. Open the left navigation menu and select ‘Orders.’

2. You will be moved to the 'Orders' screen. Here, you can view up to 500 of the most recent transactions.

  • By default, orders are sorted in date descending order.
  • Click on either the "Next" button or the different page numbers on the bottom of the screen to navigate through all orders. 

Functions available on this screen:

  • Search for specific order in the Search for Order' field on the top left of the screen by inputting the order ID, order name, or customer’s phone number.\
  • Filter orders by date range in drop down menu on top right of screen (default will be “Today”)
  • Filter orders by ‘Stores,’ ‘Order Type,’ ‘Order Status,’ and ‘Fulfillment Status’ in their respective drop down menus on the top of the screen.

  • Sort orders for each column header (Order ID, Order Name, Order Type, Fulfillment Status, Order Status, Total, Date, Store, Salesperson, and Customer) by clicking on the column header you would like to sort by. Click again to sort by another option in the column category.
  • View additional order details by clicking on an order. It will take you to the ‘Order Details’ screen.








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