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Viewing Company Statistics

Using the Getting Started Checklist



On the Dashboard, you can learn how to get started by viewing the Getting Started video, view statistics of your company and individual stores for different periods of time, and get started setting up your eHopper account with a checklist.


Viewing Company Statistics

  • On the top of the screen, you can view statistics on the number of New Customers, Repeat Customers, Total SalesTotal Transactions, and Refunds.


  • On the bottom of the screen, you can view the percentage and total of sales for each product category in your inventory. 

Filter Stores: You can filter the data for one store, multiple stores, or all stores in your company in the ‘Select Store(s) drop down menu on the top left of the screen.

Filter Time Periods: You can also filter data for specific time periods in the drop down menu on the top right of the screen (the default will be “Today”).


Using the Getting Started Checklist

  • You can use the “Getting Started” checklist to view. create and track tasks to complete to get get your company and stores running on eHopper.

  • Simply click on the task and it will direct you straight to the appropriate page in the Back Office where you could complete that task.
  • You can also create your own custom tasks by clicking the + sign and typing in the name of the task.
  • Since only 5 tasks can appear on the screen at once, tap the arrow buttons to view the full list if more than 5 exist.


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