Manage Customers


You can manage customers on eHopper by: 

  • Viewing the customer list
  • Searching for a specific customer 
  • Viewing and updating a customer’s details and order history
  • Add a new customer 
  • Assign a customer to an order


Add New Customer:

1. After opening the customer popup, select + New Customer.

2. On the New Customer screen, input the customer’s contact info and select if customer would like to receive marketing materials. Required fields are marked with an *.

Note: Entering a customer's contact info is most important when the order type is Delivery so that the order can be delivered to the customer's location.

3. Click the DONE button to confirm. 

View List of Customers:

1. Tap the customer popup on the top of the screen. (By default, it will say Walk-In.) 

2.  The list of customers will appear. 


Search for Customers:

  • In the search field, you can search by a customer’s first name, last name, and phone number. 


Assign Customer to an Order:

  • After searching for customer, click on the customer's name.

  • The name will then appear for the order in the customer box. 


View/Edit Customer Details:

1. After searching for customer, click on the arrow to the right of the customer's name. 

2. You will be sent to the Customer Details screen, where you can view the customer's contact information and order history.

3. To edit customer's contact info, select Edit on the top right of the screen. You can also select if you would like to send marketing materials to the customer by checking the Provide with marketing box. Click DONE to confirm any changes. 

4. To view more details of specific order customer made, select the order.

5. You will be sent to the Order Details screen. Here, you can view the order details, print or email the receipt, update or reopen and void or refund the order, depending on the order's current status. 



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