Credit Card Refund on Poynt


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  • Must be assigned an Administrator, Manager, or Salesperson role.
  • Only possible once an order has already been processed.
  • Transaction must have been completed on the same register that you are currently operating.
  • Refunds can only be provided for credit cards that were used for the same order.

Note: Line item refunds are currently not available on Poynt devices. Refunds on Poynt can only be processed for the whole order. 


Note: On Poynt, you cannot provide a refund from individual items from an order. You can only refund the entire order.

1. Click on Orders in the left navigation menu.

2. On the Orders page, select the order that you would like to refund.

3. Select the Refund All box.

4. A red Refund button will appear for you to click on. 

5. Tap the CONTINUE button on the Credit Card Refund screen.

  • A screen will appear with a summary of the order payment (Total, Card Details, Status of payment).

6. Tap on the REFUND button.

  • You will be asked to confirm the refund amount
  • On this screen, you cannot input an amount less than the order total (excluding tips).

7. Tap on the REFUND button.

  • Once the refund has been processed, the screen will say Refunded.

8. Tap DONE.

  • A dialog box will appear saying the refund has been processed successfully.

9. Click OK.

10. Tap the CONTINUE button.

11. Choose to either Email receipt or Print receipt by selecting the box to their left. 

 12. Click the DONE button. 

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