Credit Card Refund


Credit Card Refund has additional screens related to processing Refund on Poynt.

Please note that partial Refund is not available on Poynt. You can only refund all items from your original Order.

To Refund an Order paid by Credit Card:

  • Open Order Details of Order to Refund
  • Select Refund All
  • Tap Refund

Tap CONTINUE on Credit Card Refund screen

You will be shown the screen with the Order Payment summary (Total, Card Details, Status of payment).

Tap on REFUND button.

You will be asked to confirm the Refund Amount.

On this screen, you cannot input an amount less than the Order Total without Tips.

Tap on REFUND button.

Once Poynt has processed the Refund you will be shown the screen with status ‘Refunded’. Tap Done.

Tap OK on the Dialog box with message about successful refund, tap CONTINUE.

Select if you need to email/print receipt.


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