Split Payment


1) Tap the green arrow button to the left of the 'Cash' button in the shopping cart and then select Split Payment as the payment option.

2) On the Split Payment screen, select the number of individual payments for the order by tapping the + or - sign until you get to that number. The default will be set at 2.

3) For each individual payment, a row will appear. Select the payment option of choice for each payment by tapping each payment option box and selecting the chosen payment option.

4) You can input the $ amount being paid in each individual payment by selecting each cash box and entering the corresponding $ amount. The total amount must be equal to the total sales price of the order. 

5) Press the CHARGE button next to each payment row to charge each individual payment by their selected payment option. 

Note: If Credit Card is selected as payment option, the flow of the payment is the same as described in the Credit Card Payment article for Poynt.

6) When all payments in the split payment are processed, tap the DONE button. 


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